Book Dedication Program



The Lanier Library is pleased to offer a way to honor your loved ones.

Members and others may dedicate books in to the special people and events in their lives.  For $25 each, members may select a specific book to dedicate in honor or in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. A beautiful book plate printed over a lovely watercolor by library member Christine Mariotti (see photo) will be placed inside the front cover of the chosen book.  

There are two mechanisms for members to select the specific book to dedicate:  

  • Select an existing book from the Library’s collection (with exceptions for books that have already been dedicated and rare/highly-collectible books)
  • Select a book that has recently been chosen for acquisition by our Media Selection Committee (posted on the bulletin board in the library)

Book dedications will be recognized in the Library’s newsletter and in a separate section of the annual donor recognition list.  At the request of the donor, a letter of recognition will be sent to the dedicatee.   To dedicate a book, fill out the Book Dedication Form and return it with payment to the library.

Proceeds from Book Dedications will go to support the ongoing operations of the Lanier Library.