Programs at Lanier Library are a tradition that started in 1890 when Mrs. Knott shared her opinions about annexing Canada. The tradition continues with speakers and topics ranging from authors to poets, historians to sculptors, crafts workshops to

wine tasting, butterflies to elephants in the Felburn Nature and Wildlife Series, and more. Most are free to the public and some are possible thanks to support from the Kirby Endowment Fund at the Polk County Community Foundation.

Upcoming programs

Lanier Library Tryon NC Jungle Adventures in Belize

Board Member Vince Verrecchio has been a professional writer and photographer for about 55 years. He and his wife Gloria have been horseback riding together for more than 40 years in rings and on tracks and trails ranging from the snowcaps of British Columbia, to the beaches of Iceland, the African savannah, and elsewhere. Wherever, a cam- era has been in hand to record the adventures for in- clusion in his book-in-progress “Joyrides to Farcorners.” A book, according to Vince, “that will

never be finished until the last ride.” In the mean- time, he has adapted chapters to magazine articles and a series of presentations at libraries and equine organizations. The latest chapter goes into the mountain jungles of Belize to ride through Jaguar Fern, learn about rainforest remedies for snakebite and burning-to-the-touch trees, canoe more than a mile into the dripping hush of a cave, and explore a remote Mayan city and climb its highest pyramid.